Meet Nikolina Tomić, a talented young singer, teacher, and songwriter from Otok. She graduated in piano from the Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek, and works as a piano teacher and accompanist at the Josip Runjanin Music School in Vinkovci. Nikolina’s inspiration for writing songs comes from observing everyday life around her and expressing those experiences through words, tones, and melodies.

Her song “Misao na mene” was created in 5 minutes as a reflection on everything that has happened or will happen, and waited for the right moment to be shared with the audience. Nikolina writes songs to help herself and others experience, understand and release certain emotions. The lyrics and music of the song “Misao na mene” are signed by Nikolina, while the production of the video was done by the young videographer and photographer Fabijan Đukić. The magic, power and passion of the song are credited to the guys from the Osijek rock’n’roll band “Echoes” together with the producer Ante Akrap in the “Hard Work” studio in Požega.

Nina’s latest song – “Misao na mene”