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Melodies to feel.
It is a tragedy when acoustic pearls are simply overlooked in the respective music area. This music magazine was founded, among other things, so that something like this does not happen. In such a case, the current album „Firesky“ by Croatian composer Alan Špiljak develop what will hopefully never happen. Because the album is a declaration of love for modern classical music and the first notes capture heartbreaking messages of acoustics. It combines all feelings, from happiness, sadness to hope and dreamlike dimensions.

Alan Špiljak comes from Croatia, has a great passion for multimedia and music composing. Composing is one of his favorite ways to express himself and he uses it to reach people because words are much more limited compared to music. Playing the piano has been his hobby since primary school, and since then he has developed steadily. In fact, the musician is already with the work „Silverlights“ noticed the music magazine in 2018. Quote from the contribution from back then: “His current work „Silverlights“ should treat every music lover of neoclassical in his collection like a small diamond. The album is pure romance with melancholic undertones. Intimate, fragile and simply highly meditative.“

Neoclassical sound aesthetics, on a very spherical level

This concept is also on the new album „Firesky“ continued, whereby the emotional passages have been added up further facets in the sound structures. A very striking point from the album is the cinematic frame, which is exorbitantly covered. As if you hear the soundtrack of a very emotional film that easily pierces the rearmost corners of the soul. This melancholic romance is instrumentalized by classical instruments, especially the piano is the soulful protagonist in many pieces. In addition, there are structures of string arrangements and spherical soundscapes of the electronics, which rather provide a catalyst for outbursts of feeling. Tangled by very aesthetic vocal performances, at least in one-two titles. „Firesky“ is a thoroughly experience that can accompany you for a long time as a companion. It is easy to explain why this is so. In the album itself you can find many fragments of the composer’s heart and soul, which he would like to share with everyone in an impressive way.

Even if the playing time is very manageable with just over 20 minutes, the 10 titles have a rich diversity to offer, as well as instrumental and emotional. Pieces like “Night in Paris“ as classical piano sonatas gets under the skin . You can get a piece of timeless sound art with „AORA“, where you are simply blown away thanks to the perfect symbiosis of piano and string instruments. Neoclassical sound aesthetics, located on a very spherical level. In general, the atmosphere achieves a strong, immersive experience that rubs off on the listener without detours. A good example of this would also be the title „Eudaemonia“, equipped with a positive aura, the piece remains in the ear thanks to catchy melodies. As if a thousand butterflies flutter around you to remember, that not everything has to be bad and bad in life. Alan Špiljak has very well balanced this balancing act between melancholy and slight euphoria on the album.

Firesky album cover art

If you summarize, Alan Špiljak is an exceptional talent and lays another foundation stone with the album „Firesky“ to get it very far. All of the 10 pieces are catchy and presented with feeling, which I hope will be followed by a lot. It is composed with a lot of soul and passion and follows an expressionist interpretation by the Croatian composer – highly recommended. Release was in early April 2023 and will hopefully be integrated into some playlists. There is definitely potential.

Firesky – song list / duration:

1. Iskra 00:42
2nd. Morning dreams 03:02
3rd. Good old days 02:29
4th. AORA 02:20
5. Someday 02:06
6. Eudaemonia 02:04
7. Lost in silence 02:45
8th. Fireworks 01:46
9. Silence the world 01:38
10. Night in Paris 02:05
( total: 20:58 )

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